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User Training SRM-Ergometer

Effective performance measurement in cycling

Performance testing is an important factor to effectively design training schedules for cyclists and triathletes. Besides the knowledge of exercise physiological parameters (lactate, oxygen uptake, etc.), it is particularly important for coaches and athletes, to control training and competition via the performance.

With this user training, you get detailed information about the current developments and possible fields of application of the SRM High Performance Ergometer.


  • Work with the SRM High Performance Ergometer.
  • Application possibilities (hyperbolic- and isokinetic test methods, torque analysis).
  • Demonstration and construction (Calibration, software handling, adjusting of crank arm lengths, working with different fly masses, etc.).
  • Carrying out of performance tests (Lactate diagnostics and Spiroergometry) on the SRM High Performance Ergometer.
  • Evaluation and analysis of the test results and training recommendations (defining of individual training intensities).


The current user training is scheduled for one and a half days.


The user training is normally held in German. After prior consultation, we can also organize user trainings and workshops in English. Those are scheduled for one and a half days too.


Mirco Smerecnik (Fokus:Diagnostik)

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